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 “Where Happy Horses Live & Play”
 Why board with us? Hangin' Saddle Ranch offers high quality care and facilities for your horses with low monthly fees which are inclusive of many features. We only use high quality feed here at Hangin' Saddle Ranch. Horses are provided bran twice weekly and feedings twice daily with a choice between hay and pellets. . The pellets are a recipe of hay, grain, molasses, bran and more for a balanced equine diet. This helps prevent "Hay Belly." Think of the extra weight people can develop around their mid-sections from not eating a balanced and healthy diet combined with a lack of exercise. HSR has long term relationships with our veterinarian, equine dentist and farrier from which our horse boarder’s benefit. Most of the time they come to us saving you time and added expense. If floating or pulling of teeth, re-shoeing, or veterinary care is required, owners will be notified. *These services are additional and paid to the specialist. While boarding your horse at Hangin' Saddle Ranch, enjoy some of the other services we offer such as Horsemanship Clinics and the Junior Ranch Hand Program as well as Riding Lessons. *These services are additional and arranged with the ranch. We are surrounded by thousands of acres of BLM (public) land, here for your enjoyment at any time. The ranch usually (weather permitting), goes out on at least one Trail Ride a week. This is open to any of our boarders to join with their own horses free of charge. *Use of our horses is a reduced but additional fee. What you will need to do? We do expect all of the horses on our ranch to be provided with a minimum standard of care. This means that they have: regular hoof care (trims or Shodding) every 6-8 weeks, a regular deworming program, annual vaccinations, turn out time, minimum weekly grooming, and veterinary care as needed. We have made every effort to provide easy access to the services needed to maintain this minimum standard. And we have some very dedicated ranch volunteers that may be willing to help with the weekly grooming for a small fee (that’s between y’all) if you are unable to come out yourself. Buying a Horse? If you are thinking of buying a horse and unfamiliar with the process, consult with Glenn Hunter to make sure your dollars are being invested wisely. Horses aren't all created equal and each has its own personality, level of training, temperament and talent in its bloodline. Planning a trip with your horse? Hangin' Saddle Ranch also offers short-term boarding which includes space to park a horse trailer. Whether you're planning a trip from one state to another or just in transition between stables, Hangin' Saddle Ranch is a horse and people friendly stopping point. The ranch is conveniently located near the I-8.
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