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 “Every time you ride, you’re either teaching or un-teaching your horse.” (Gordon Wright) ﷯ ﷯ IS THIS FOR YOU??? Are you considering buying a horse? Have a horse in training or just out of? Just purchased a horse? Simply curious? If you answered YES to any of these then to get on the list. Only 10 spots available!! Once a trainer has put 90 days on a horse the training has only begun. The rest is up to you; and it is an everyday affair. It takes a balance of attitude, know how, emotion, energy, and discipline to build and maintain a meaningful bond with your horse. These clinics will give you some practical, applicable skills, and the chance to use them under the guidance of professional trainers. Yes, you could watch a bunch of free videos with training clips from various “trainers”. And you might even pick up some of the physical steps involved in “ground work”. However, the likely outcome is serious confusion and frustration in both your horse and you. That frustration can lead to unpredictable behavior causing injury. The exact opposite of what you are trying to achieve. Already sounding familiar?? Glenn has trained many many horses and their owners over the last 20+ years. He could have easily charged what some of the most famous trainers are charging. Some of those trainers are even as good as Glenn – they just have better marketing teams. And at the end of the day this cowboy is stuck in his ways – he does what he does for the love of the horses and the sport. Money is just a way to pay the bills and feed the horses. Here’s an opportunity of a lifetime to benefit from his principles. His teaching style makes for a unique experience, as he teach to the horse and owner’s pace. You will, for sure, be given practical information and application of the following topics: Safety around a horse Working with a Trainer Building a Bond Establishing Trust Body Language (Yours and the Horse’s) Saddles and Bits Daily Corrections (even when your horse is just in their stall) How to teach your horse to Ground Tie …. And So So Much More!!! BUT… in which clinic you will learn specific skills is really up to the horses. I can assure you that each clinic is jammed packed with enough information to make your head spin. Clinic Details: 6 hours (each) Demonstration 1 ½ - 2 hours Trainer led demonstrations. Demonstration will include practical exercises with horses that are still learning as well as the finished results with our more experienced horses. ***The end of demonstration will conclude the "Spectator Pass" portion of the clinics Lunch and Breaks 1 hour Lunch provided – Ranch Style – Lots of opportunity to chat with the Hangin’ Saddle Ranch crew and trainers. Coffee breaks taken throughout the clinic Exercises 2 – 2 ½ hours – hands on exercises (if you brought your horse). For those "Standing Solo" an opportunity to see the skills applied with different horses and owners (definitely educational in its own right). Ticket Options: Standing Solo – Leave your horse at home and come out to watch and ask questions. This is for the full 6 hour clinic - just without your horse Have Horse Will Ride – Bring your horse and get hands on practice with the guidance our trainers. This is for the full 6 hour clinic - with your horse ONLY 10 PARTICIPANT SPOTS AVAILABLE PER CLINIC Spectator Pass – OBSERVATION OF DEMONSTRATION PORTION ONLY (First 1 ½ -2 hours of the clinic) Come on out, grab a seat, and watch. This is educational and fun for the whole family. We have enough hay bale seating for 24 rears - first come first sits. To be guaranteed a seat bring your own. (Questions and Trainer Interaction is reserved for the Clinic Participants only) NOTE These clinics do not in any way replace the need for a professional trainer to put the first 90 days on an unbroke horse.
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