Duration: 13 camps – Running from September 2016 – April 2017

Timeline: Orientation starts in September 2016

*see calendar for dates

Cost: **$50 per camp (**the 1st camp is included in the registration fee)

Registration: $50 nonrefundable fee per trainee

Age:  8 Years and up (yes, adults can play too)



This is an opportunity of a lifetime for all horse lovers!!  And a dream program for any parent that is looking for a program that instills fundamental moral values of respect, responsibility, work ethic, and teamwork for their children.


What is the program about?

This program has been designed to breathe life back into the term “work ethic”.

We empower our kids and adults with the satisfaction in a job well done simply because it was well done.

A ranch is all about respect and hard work.

The rewards are infinite if valued.

A ranch “crew” has an earned hierarchy that must be respected in order to maximize safety and maintain order.

That “crew” must also be made of individuals who can critically

think, problem solve, report, and act in an ever changing environment.

Being a Junior Ranch Hand is a way of life.

It does not only exist at the ranch.

Our trainees are expected to be respectful, courteous, and helpful at all times and in all places.

They are also expected to work hard on their studies and other pursuits.


Who can play?

 The minimum age is 8 years old.  We have no maximum age.

 We are looking for trainees that love horses and love the ranch lifestyle.  The rest can be taught.


 What steps to take to get into the program?

                           Step 1 – Read through all of the information above. in each tab.  If you have questions contact the lead ranch hand – Miss Kariann

                           Step 2 – Register and pay the registration fee.  We accept card, cash, and check

                           Step 3 – Gather up what you will need in the way of ‘Gear’ and ‘Attire’ (See Attire Tab).

                           Step 4 – Pay for the camps (remember payment secures your spot – take advantage of the discount if that works for you)

                           Step 5 – Confirm with us which “Sonny Camp” you will be attending

                           Step 6 – Show up and have some fun!








This program is packed full of hands on experience which includes:

Western Riding Lessons

Ranch Operations

Tack Orientation and Application

Grooming Equipment and Application

First Aid – Humans

First Aid - Equine

Horse Anatomy and Conformation



This program is as much a character building program as it is about physical learning.


Work Ethic (doing your best even if someone isn’t looking)

Responsibility (owning your successes and mistakes)

Respect (for yourself, those around you, the animals, the environment, and the ranch)

Critical Thinking/Problem Solving (without Google)

Inner Strength (pushing through when it would be easier to quit)

Communication (without texting)




Registration Fee:

 The registration fee is a one-time nonrefundable fee of $50.

One-Time meaning you are registered for as long as Hangin’ Saddle Ranch runs a Junior Ranch Hand Program – so if it takes you a couple of years to complete the program you will not be charged again for the registration fee.

It is transferrable up until the participant attends “Camp Sonny”.  After that it is not transferrable.


This fee includes:

 Registration into the program for 1 participant

“Camp Sonny” – the first and required camp for the program.  During this camp you will receive:

  -2 tickets for the Hangin’ Saddle Ranch Sonny Day Showcase

  -1 shirt

  -1 bag

  -1 Training Book

If you miss the “Camp Sonny” dates - this is the only camp you can book as a private lesson however the cost will be an additional $25


Camp Fees and Cancellations: (how to secure a spot)

The camp fees are $50 per camp and there are 12 camps (excluding Camp Sonny which is included with your registration fee) = $600

Save 15% by paying in advance for the entire program – savings of $90 = $510

Registration fee is not included in this offer and is due at the time of registration.  Payment of the $510 is due no later than August 31, 2016

Save 10% by paying in 2 installments for the entire program – savings of $60 = $540

 Registration fee is not included in this offer and is due at the time of registration.

 1st payment of $270 is due no later than August 31, 2016

 2nd (final) payment of $270 is due no later than October 1, 2016


Booking for camps is the only way to secure your spot.  We only have 8 spots in each time slot.

**The exception for this is “Camp Sonny” – there is no set maximum.

They will fill up very quickly and people who pay for the entire program upfront will get priority.


There are no cash refunds for cancellations.

We will however issue a riding lesson voucher if a minimum of 48 hours’ notice is given.

Emergencies and sick leave will be considered on a case by case basis and is at the sole discretion of the owners of Hangin’ Saddle Ranch.


In the event that the ranch is closed due to weather or ranch disaster at the time of a camp the camp date will be rescheduled.  If the participant is unable to attend the new date a riding lesson voucher will be issued.  It is unlikely that you will receive more than a few hours’ notice to a rescheduling because we only shut down during extreme situations.  Rest assured that we will give you as much notice as we have.


Camp Schedule:


Daytime Schedule – Green boxes on the calendar

10am – 2pm

                                                                                                                    10am – noon        Horses and Chores

                                                                                                                    Noon – 1pm          Lunchtime

                                                                                                                   1pm – 2pm             “Camp” topic  (see list of camps below)


Evening Schedule – Tangerine boxes on the calendar

3pm – 7pm

                                                                                                                   3pm – 5pm          Horses and Chores

                                                                                                                   5pm – 6pm          “Camp” topic (see list of camps below)

                                                                                                                  6pm – 7pm          Dinnertime


Participants should strive to be on time in order to participate fully.

This is a tight schedule for the amount of content.    Late arrivals may miss out on riding.






What to Expect and What is Expected at “Camp Sonny” – Orientation?:


We are running 2 “Camp Sonny” days.  They are both the same and you only need to attend one of them.


September 21, 2016 – 3pm – 7pm

September 28, 2016 – 10am – 2pm


Hour one will be introductions, ranch rules, and meeting all the characters (crew, horses, dogs, and chickens)

Hour two will be reviewing the training book and going over expectations

Hour three will be meal time – we are all about sharing and caring at the ranch so we like to do potlucks (there is nothing more “ranch” then a good ol’ fashion potluck)  Please bring a food item to share.  Keep an eye on the Facebook page for updates on what everyone is bringing (and to update what you want to bring).  We do this now because we had one potluck with 5 potato salads.  All very good but still a lot of potato salad.

 Hour four will be the benefits and rewards available to earn with this program as well as a discussion of the Arena Camp Out and Sonny Day Showcase.


Always try to arrive on time.  We have a tight schedule to follow in order to complete all the content.

Proper attire for this camp is at minimum proper clothing and shoes (see Attire, Gear, and Grooming below)


All trainees and their parent/caregiver (for minors) must participate in the Ranch Orientation (Camp Sonny).  There is no additional cost for the parents to participate in this camp.

It is important to us that the parents are equally aware of how the ranch works, what will be expected of their child/ren, and the rules.


This is a prerequisite into any of the other 12 camps.

If you are unable to attend the scheduled “Camp Sonny” you may book a private session ($25 fee).


“Camp Sonny” is a Ranch and Program Orientation without a ride lesson.




Attire, Gear and Grooming:


Every trainee is expected to arrive ready to work.

Trainees that arrive without the required attire, gear, and grooming may not get to participate in certain parts of the camp.


 Attire: minimum requirements

  Conservative shirts (meaning they cover the chest and tummy)

  Long pants (cover your rear)

  Hard Toed Shoes or Boots (this is a safety item and non-negotiable)

 Gear: minimum requirements

An EQUESTRIAN Helmet (that has not been involved in a significant fall involving the head).

This is optional but highly recommended for trainees over the age of 18.

  Grooming: minimum requirements

   Hair – brushed, and pulled back (if long)

   Teeth – brushed

Body – not stinkin’   - this does include body odor and perfumes.

The horses have a strong sense of smell and have been known to turn away from strong odors. Plus, the horses stink enough for all of us!

One of the fundamental values that we encourage is respect and that includes respecting self by being clean and tidy.


What else may be useful to bring to camp?:

Bottled Water – we will always have extra water around.  This is a ranch in a desert.  But most of the time people bring personal bottles so that they can remember which is theirs.

Hat – A cowboy hat or ball cap is useful for keeping the sun off of the face during chores and non-riding activities.

Cool Clothes – when it is real hot outside a cool cloth helps tremendously.

Cold Weather Clothes – when winter sets in it can get a bit nippy outside.  It’s a good idea to bring some layers.

Sunglasses – it is Arizona after all.


What should you not use as camp?:

ELECTRONICS – the only exception to this is devices with cameras – and cameras should only be used when the trainee has no other tasks.  Texting, Phone Calls, and Gaming is not allowed in the work area.  If you need to take or make a call you will need to step into the backyard area or the parking area.





Requirements for completion:

In order to complete the program a participant must attend all 13* camps (12 camps + “Camp Sonny”).

This does not mean that it has to be completed in one season though.


Awards and Rewards:

 A certificate of completion for each camp completed.

  This certificate will name the trainee, the camp, and the date of completion


 Award Ribbons

These are handed out to trainees that complete the program.  The ribbons awarded are personal achievements and ability awards.  It is not a hierarchal award.  The program leaders/owners will determine over the entire program which trainee shares similar learning styles and traits as the ranch horses.  This will be explained further during “Camp Sonny”.


 Specialty Awards

There are certain awards available to be earned such as the Trail Rider Award.  This is earned by demonstrating a proficiency of riding and responsible behavior during the course of the program.  This award gives them access to the Trail Rider Orientation and participation in HSR led trail rides.


 Volunteer Position

Junior Ranch Hand Trainees may be invited to advance to the position of Volunteer Junior Ranch Hand for the following year.  Volunteering comes with perks and only a few positions are up for grabs.  The owners of HSR make the decision and there are many factors involved.  Completion of the program is only one factor.  Maturity, Attitude, Responsibility, Trustworthiness, Work Ethic, and an Effective Communicator are also factors.


Details about Arena Camp Out

The Arena Camp Out is pretty much what it sounds like.  We are opening up the training arena to pitch tents and camp out.  The Camp Out is on the Friday before HSR’s Sonny Day Showcase.  We will have a bon fire, potluck dinner, some games, marshmallow roast, and camp out.  In the morning we will wake up with the rooster and start getting ready for the ranch’s main event.

We will have adults on hand to act as chaperones.  We welcome and encourage parents, grandparents, or other relatives to act as chaperones as well.  This will be a fun event.

There is no cost for this event.  This is our celebration with all of the trainees and a chance to just be silly.

 It will be a potluck dinner.

 Participants will need to bring their own camping gear.


Details about HSR’s Sonny Day Showcase

This is graduation day!  It is also a day to celebrate ranch life.  It is a public event.  The trainees will showcase their riding skills to their families and the public.  They will be awarded their ribbons and any special awards they have earned during the season.  They will also be expected to show their knowledge of ranch life by helping to run the event.

The public will be coming out to see riding, do pony rides, feed the horses treats, eat treats themselves, and learn about ranch life.

Our Junior Ranch Hand Trainees will be leading horses on the pony rides, showing guests how to safely feed the horses, keeping the grounds clean and tidy, upholding safety rules, monitoring information tables, and many many more tasks.

This is a great way for the trainees to put together everything they have learned and pay it forward.