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 “Learning to ride is the art of keeping a horse between yourself and the ground.” ﷯ CALL TO BOOK YOUR LESSONS TODAY!!! Hangin' Saddle Ranch welcomes beginner to intermediate riders for riding lessons. Horse riding is more than hopping in a saddle and riding off into the Arizona sunset. Horses are large animals, weighing easily over 1000 pounds, and safety is paramount for both the horse and the rider. At Hangin' Saddle Ranch we teach safety first and foremost, along with knowledge of equipment (tack), horse care, basic anatomy and physiology, horse care and of course horse riding. Children as young at 4 years old can begin training lessons at Hangin' Saddle Ranch. Under 4 years old are not ready for the reigns, but can certainly participate in “Pony Rides” and experience the sights and sounds of a ranch. We encourage families to come together, train together and ride together! It's a wonderful family activity for all ages. Horse riding lessons offer so much more than learning the skill of riding a horse. Confidence, communication, trust, responsibility, discipline, and positive emotional health and physical health are just a handful of what riders walk away with from taking riding lessons at Hangin' Saddle Ranch. All riders (and their parents – for minors) are expected to follow the instructions of the Hangin’ Saddle Ranch crew at all times. Hesitation or refusing to do something can make the difference between getting injured and not getting injured. Riders have a lot of fun here because we have such a high safety protocol! These majestic animals are outgoing and friendly; and they certainly love the attention and affection. Each horse that we use for lessons has been trained or vetted by the owner, Glenn Hunter. His use of Natural Horsemanship training has fostered a love and trust in the horses and a willingness to do their job at the ranch. Proper attire is required. Riders need to wear pants. Please make sure that whatever pants you choose they cover the cracks when sitting and bending. (low cut pants are not only unsightly but they are uncomfortable when on the horse) Riding boots/Cowboy boots (Closed toed shoes at minimum and only for the first couple of lessons until you can get cowboy boots). No open toed shoes allowed once you pass the gate. *This is a safety item. Modest shirts which are seasonally appropriate. They should cover your whole torso (from shoulders to rear) A properly fitted equine training helmet is mandatory for all riders under the age of 18 and recommended for those over 18. We do have a few community helmets available for short term use. *This is a safety item. If you have any questions on attire, please feel free to contact Hangin' Saddle Ranch and we will be more than happy to help you find what you need. We also recommend 4G Ranch Tack and Supply in Hidden Valley for purchasing the proper attire. Once trained, you are welcome to sign up for in the desert country and see some amazing sights which can only be found on horseback.
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